Waka Waka Project

In Swahili, Waka Waka means “Shine on.”  In the summer of 2011, Katie Moorehead, Regina Guzman, and Sarah Baida-Spell, founded a new organization by this name in order to provide a way for some of the most destitute children in the Karanga Village of the Kilimanjaro region of Tanzania to access quality education.

The Waka-Waka Project offers private school sponsorships to children whose single parent families struggle to provide even basic needs like food and clean water for their children. By focusing on private schools, Waka-Waka’s founders believe that they will ensure the most beneficial education for their students, complete with smaller class sizes and two healthy meals a day. This environment will, in turn, increase the opportunities in life – not only for the sponsored student, but also for his or her family.

The children enrolled with Waka Waka know that there are people in the world whom they have never met, who believe in them and who want them to succeed. These children are smart, capable, and driven. We can’t wait to see their futures shine as bright as their smiles do now.

For more information please e-mail wakawakakids@gmail.com.
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