Infrastructure That Sustains

EdPowerment's focus is operational funding.  We do not construct buildings.  However, over time we have funded projects that we think are critical to the success of KIWOCE Open School (Kilimahewa).  We have even helped a local primary school in dire need.  These projects facilitate the delivery of vital educational programs as sustainably as possible.

The Kilimahewa Water Project

Blessed by a quick and successful bore hole drilling in 2011, the Kilimahewa Water Project, providing water for two 20,000 liter tanks, anchored development of the Center.  In 2016, a complete solar refurbishment was undertaken to provide a more economical delivery system.

Large, Clean and Comfortable Classrooms with Internet Access

EdPowerment has enabled optimal use of two classroom buildings funded by Go Campaign by providing internet access, teaching equipment and classroom furniture that creates an environment conducive to learning.

A Library for the Entire Community

KIWOCE reaches out to the entire community and students who attend neighboring government schools with the only library in miles.  We continue to build an inventory of fiction and non-fiction books, especially review books to supplement their studies.

 Recreational Field/Playground

No one can just sit in a classroom for hours, although this often happens in Tanzania.  In 2017, a grant from the Northfield Community Church facilitated an area where all students can participate in sports, physical exercise and instruction.  This has made a world of difference to our students, some of whom now even constitute a futbol team!

A New Kitchen and Silo 

In order to sustain a more environmentally friendly and economical food program, EdPowerment funded a kitchen and silo.  The kitchen consumes less firewood than the old open-air jiko, while the silo allows for bulk purchases of beans/maize at favorable prices.

EdPowerment, Inc
EdPowerment, Inc

Environmentally Clean Incinerator

Proper garbage disposal remains a serious challenge in Tanzania. Once a girls’ hostel was complete at KIWOCE, it became especially imperative for to have a cleaner and better way to handle waste. In January 2020 we used a targeted donation to fund an incinerator designed by KIWOCE’s Grounds Manager that will operate efficiently, while teaching students and locals a proper way to take care of their environment.


Community Outreach: Helping the Mary Bennett-Sambarai Primary School 

EdPowerment has responded to several urgent calls to help sustain a neighboring government primary school.  Serving roughly 700 students, the School was in dire need of new toilets or faced being shut down.  No government support was available.  EdPowerment funded a block of new toilets, in addition to previous projects such as completion of a teacher’s quarters and a utility connection.

EdPowerment, Inc


EdPowerment, Inc