Education that Empowers


THRIVE is EdPowerment’s capstone program intended to elevate the ability of Form 4 and Form 6 graduates to succeed in their next level of education, the workplace, and independent living.  Developed initially for our Sponsorship Program, it is now part of KIWOCE’s course offerings as a way for all young adults to gain the soft skills and employability know-how to turn their education into careers.

For Form 4 graduates:

 “O”rdinary Level Secondary school graduates complete their studies following Form 4 National Exams in November.  They then are out of school for 7 months until the following July.  During this time, they wait to learn their results and whether they can continue to “A”dvanced Level High School or an alternative certificate or diploma program.


For Form 6 graduates:

 “A”dvanced Level High School graduates face a similar process.  They complete their studies in May and take the Form 6 National Exam that determines if they qualify for University admission.  From May until late October, they are home.  First, they wait for exam results; then if they score well, they can apply to Universities and once more wait to hear their posting, usually in late August.


THRIVE is EdPowerment’s answer.  Although the Form 4 and Form 6 programs differ, each focuses on raising the students’ literacy level and building their ability:

  • To speak English and interact with others.
  • To use key computer software programs.
  • To communicate and research via the Internet.
  • To understand themselves and operate within their community.

Form 4 THRIVE also contains an academic component consisting of mathematics and specialty subjects. Form 6 THRIVE also focuses on employment requirements, and practical aspects of self-reliance.