Tomorrow’s Scholar-Leader Sponsorships

It's 2020 - 10 years after the start of EdPowerment and eleven years after our first sponsorship!

Nearly 70 students have been a part of this program that goes far beyond school fees to support students in every aspect of their lives: academics, personal needs, family support, physical and mental health, and life skills coaching.  Today, over 35 students have completed limited or full sponsorships and taken their place in society as professionals and craftspersons.

28 young women and men continue to complete higher-level studies, college diplomas and university degrees.

Here's our active program today: (Students' initials used)

Post-Graduate Students:

MJM, Nat Bd of Accountancy & Audit: Certified Public Accountant Program

University Students 

EJM, 5th Year, Medical School, St. Joseph University in Tanzania, Doctor of Medicine

DMM, 3rd & final year, Mwenge Catholic University, Bachelor of Education in Science

ZRW, 4th year, St Augustine Univ. of TZ (SAUT), Bachelor's of Law

ASK, 2nd year, Tanzania Institute Of Accountancy( TIA), Bachelor Degree in Accountancy

MK, 2nd year, Tanzania Institute Of Accountancy (TIA), Bachelor's Degree in Accountancy

JF, 2nd year, Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Science (MUHAS), Doctor of Medicine

RLK, 2nd year, St Augustine Univ. of TZ (SAUT), BA with Education

WM, 2nd year, University of Dodoma, BA in International Relations(BA-IR)

NM, 1st year, second semester, St Augustine Univ. of TZ (SAUT), Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration

KM, 1st year repeat, Institute of Accountancy, Arusha, Bachelor's Degree in Economics and Finance

AE, 1st year, Institute of Finance Management, Bachelor's of Accounting and Finance

GP, 1st year, St Augustine Univ. of TZ ( SAUT), Bachelor's of Procurement and Chain Supply Management

IS, 1st year, Institute of Finance Management, Bachelor's of Accounting and Finance

JN, 1st year, Catholic University of Allied Science (CUHAS -Bugando), Doctor of Medicine

JJB, 1st year, University of Dar es Salaam, BS in Electronics Engineering

MJK, 1st year, St. Augustine Univ. of TZ (SAUT), Bachelor's of Procurement and Chain Supply Management

SL, 1st year, St. Augustine Univ.of TZ (SAUT), Bachelor's of Law

Certificate & Diploma Students

MA, 3rd & final year Diploma, Kilacha Agriculture Training Institute, Diploma in General Agriculture

KK, 3rd & final year Diploma, Kilacha Agriculture Training Institute, Diploma in Animal Health & Production

RPC, 2nd year Certificate, Tengeru Livestock Agency College, Certificate in Animal Health

VPK, 1st year Diploma, Sokoine University of Agriculture, Diploma in Tropical Animal Health and Production

O & A Level High School Students

Form 6: Private High Schools, AT, FC, MK
Form 5: Gov't High School: VM

Form 4 graduate awaiting next posting : JB
Form 3: Private secondary school, CM

EdPowerment, Inc

EdPowerment’s three cornerstones enable the success of Tomorrow’s Scholar-Leader Sponsorship program

Core Academics

EdPowerment places its sponsored students in schools that can deliver quality teaching in English and the subject areas central to their strengths and goals. Most of our students have attended private boarding schools, some vocational, so that they can focus on their studies unhindered by family demands and stresses. We provide books, study materials, and extra tutoring (“tuition”) as needed, and all students attend workshops and classes at KIWOCE during breaks to bolster their formal learning.

Personal Development

Virtually all EdPowerment sponsored students, however talented or motivated, grapple with challenges far beyond a minimal educational foundation. They lack

  • Exposure to society outside of their immediate village and family

  • Counseling or guidance that can help them cope with difficult situations

  • A basic understanding of themselves, their bodies, healthy habits and positive relationship building.

This situation challenges EdPowerment to nurture trust, open conversations and otherwise support each student so that he or she can develop better decision-making and interactions at school, in their communities and eventually, in the workplace.

In additional, we challenge our students to become role models and teachers to their younger peers.  Whenever at home, they assist the teachers at KIWOCE and individually tutor students, thereby building their own empathy, confidence and communication skills.

Employability Skills

As our students began to graduate from secondary school, Edpowerment realized that given the limited employment options in Tanzania,  our students needed to step up their “soft” skills and practical know-how.

This insight led us not only to create the THRIVE program for students on extended breaks, but also to infuse every opportunity we have outside of the classroom to teach behaviors and develop Internet skills that can help them overcome the deficits of their background. This includes resume and CV writing, proper email communication, interview coaching, networking strategies, internship dress and behaviors, motivational talks and other activities directed by both the EdPowerment staff and visiting professionals.

Three Stories

Every one of our sponsored students has a compelling story – one that not even EdPowerment can fully know and grasp. While story-telling is a key to fund-raising, we also respect the privacy of our students. The following are only meant to give a glimpse of the depth of EdPowerment’s involvement with the young people it nurtures.

R Sometimes sponsorships go well beyond the individual student’s needs. The home of one of our girls, whose caretaker was a devoted, but failing, grandmother (bibi), began to crumble in the rains. R’s performance also faltered as she worried about her grandmother and what she would find the next school break. EdPowerment stepped in, directing funds to build a new home for R, her bibi and younger brother. She is now a second-year University student in education, who demonstrates great potential to be a dynamic teacher.

EdPowerment, Inc
EdPowerment, Inc

F demonstrates the synergistic impact of both KIWOCE and our sponsorship program. EdPowerment’s three founding educators met him during their respective volunteer stints at KIWOCE pre-2010. One of the more active tweens who came every day, he loved Spiderman and had an engaging way about him. In 2011 the Sponsorship Management Team selected him to attend a private boarding school. We have been with him these many years through personal and academic challenges. Last fall, F received his Bachelor of Arts degree with Education. KIWOCE is priviledged to have him join their staff as a civics & geography teacher, dedicated to improving the prospects of others who are now in the same position that he was 10 years ago!

EdPowerment, Inc
EdPowerment, Inc

Z and D also testify to EdPowerment’s transformative process. Sent by her family to an uncle who promised to take her to school but then treated her as house help, Z appealed to Rebecca, one of KIWOCE’s first teachers, for help. With community involvement, Z came to live with Rebecca and began attending classes at KIWOCE.

At the same time D, like many, walked several miles each day to KIWOCE from home, where her mother struggled to support her children, even pounding stones to make gravel to sell. Both took the Form 2 Equivalency Test and performed well enough that we took them into our sponsorship program at a private school, even though they had to agree to repeat one year. Today, 6 years later, they are beginning their 2nd year of University Studies: Z is earning a Bachelor Degree of Law, while D, a Bachelor of Education in Science candidate, will become one of Tanzania’s best science teachers.

EdPowerment, Inc
EdPowerment, Inc
EdPowerment, Inc