Tomorrow’s Scholar-Leader Sponsorships

Nearly 70 students have been a part of this program that goes far beyond school fees to support students in every aspect of their lives: academics, personal needs, family support, physical and mental health, and life skills coaching.  Today, over 40 students have completed limited or full sponsorships and taken their place in society as professionals, skilled workers and independent income-earners.

2021 marks a new beginning for this unique sponsorship program. 

Educational Empowerment Organization is the name of EdPowerment's newly registered Tanzanian NGO. One area of focus will be to provide higher education paths for young Tanzanians who have already demonstrated their capabilities and motivation through underserved secondary schools, at a minimum.  It will open doors for these achievers, who lack financial and other resources, to complete, or in some cases, begin college or university studies.  

Priority is given to young adults from villages designated by the Tanzanian government as those with most need. 

At the same time, EdPowerment's Tanzanian NGO will seek new partnerships and avenues that fulfill its mission of creating educational paths for talented youth and young adults that can lead to productive lives.



This Spring, EdPowerment has awarded its first three scholarships in our relaunched Discovery Scholarship Program.  This program targets students who have completed secondary level studies, and in some cases have begun college or university studies, but can no longer proceed because of a lack of financial resources.

Each of these students has met rigorous qualifications regarding need and performance.  Each has demonstrated ability and motivation despite overwhelming obstacles.

EdPowerment has specifically structured each student's package to allow him or her to complete  higher-level (college or university) current courses of study.  Each will now be able to fulfill his or her potential. We will be sharing their profiles and achievements as we move forward into 2022.