Since 2010 EdPowerment’s post-primary, long-term sponsorships have opened a future for motivated students with no way forward in life.  School fees are just the beginning.  We support and nurture participants in every aspect of their lives: academics, personal needs, family support, physical and mental health, and life skills coaching.  These close relationships are vital to each individual’s success.

As of 2023, our alumni include 30 college, university and post-university graduates:  a CPA; a Master’s Degree educator; two doctors, 14 other university graduates, and 12 college certificate or diploma recipients now in the workforce.

20 students continue to pursue college diplomas and university degrees including two soon-to-be physicians, two prospective lawyers, several engineers and one architect.


Current Students:
Law School1
Medical Degree Students2
Other University Students9
College Students3
A-Level Students1
A-Level Students1
Post-Secondary Undetermined:2
University students to Resit Final Exam2
Alumni: (Status indicates final level of study in our program)
CPA Recipient1
Master's Degree Graduate1
Medical Degree Graduates2
Law Degree Graduate (deceased)1
Other University Graduates16
University (Incomplete)1
College Certificates/Diploma Graduates12
Vocational School Graduates5
A Level High School Graduate1
O Level Secondary School Graduates20
NB: 76 Individuals; 4 are double-counted because of multiple degrees.

The Early Discovery Project

In January 2022, EdPowerment responded to a request by officials in the SIHA District to help specific primary school students, who demonstrated academic capability and desire, but whose dire circumstances were preventing them doing as well as they could. For these students, EdPowerment provides school supplies and aids – such as solar lights for home study – and even essential food. EdPowerment works closely with local educators and community officers to monitor each student’s progress.


EdPowerment designed the THRIVE program for Secondary and Advanced Level High School graduates and college and university students on break to reinforce skills that will contribute to their success –in academics, the workplace and independent living.

The program features advanced instruction in literacy, conversational and written English, IT and computer training and fundamental life/soft skills. To deliver these services, we tap the best adult/vocational programs in the area and supplement this instruction with in-house coaching.  For students completing university and college programs, we focus on writing CV/resumes, skills for interviews and employment, and practical aspects of self-reliance such as money management.

Additionally, students take part in and lead community service projects when home, using their talents and knowledge to lift others.  EdPowerment always stresses the importance of service.