Transformative Educational Support

Since 2010 EdPowerment has developed and offered a range of educational initiatives that enables otherwise neglected teens and young adults to achieve lives of dignity and purpose. Our Story outlines the programs and projects that have accomplished this mission. 

For those whom we serve, EdPowerment fills a gap in learning opportunities - whether through long-term sponsorships or local seminars and workshops.  While our programs and commitments vary in scope, all offer information, coaching and/or academic paths, not otherwise available, to help these young people build independent lives. 

Tomorrow’s Scholar-leader Sponsorships

2010 - Present

Over 70 students have been a part of this program that goes far beyond school fees to support and nurture students in every aspect of their lives: academics, personal needs, family support, physical and mental health, and life skills coaching.  As of 2022, 20 of these students continue to pursue college and university studies.  The program’s alumni, having completed limited or full sponsorships, are taking their place in society as professionals, skilled workers and independent income-earners.

2022 Active Sponsorships

  • 2   Post-graduate studies
  • 2   Medical degrees
  • 14 Other undergraduate degrees
  • 1   College diploma
  • 1   Completing A levels
2010 - 2021: IMPACT SUMMARY
Medical / Legal / Master's Degree Candidates & Graduates10
Other College & University Graduates18
Other Current College & University Students14
Vocational School Graduates5
Secondary / Advanced High School Graduates23

The Discovery Program

Higher-Education Sponsorships

First used in 2011 to identify talented primary school leavers for our Tomorrow’s Scholar-Leader Sponsorships, today’s Discovery Scholarships target exceptional secondary school graduates in some of the area’s most vulnerable circumstances.

In some cases, recipients are stand-outs who were able to achieve National Exam required for further studies, but have no resources to keep going. Others were able to begin college or university studies, but were forced back home because of economic or family setbacks.

Each of these students has met rigorous qualifications regarding need and performance. Each has demonstrated ability and motivation despite overwhelming obstacles. EdPowerment structures each student's package to allow him or her to continue an educational path that will fulfill his or her potential.

The Early Discovery Project

January 2022 marked the start of a pilot program in the SIHA District of Kilimanjaro. Working together with community and educational administrators, EdPowerment identified 15 primary students in Standards 5 – 7 who had demonstrated exceptional motivation and academic capability.

For these students, EdPowerment provides school supplies and aids to bolster their chance of performing well academically. The student’s progress and home environment is closely monitored. EdPowerment’s goal is to work within local communities and schools to encourage youth who are talented, but lacking in support, to reach their potential and set the foundation for future achievement.


EdPowerment designed the THRIVE program for Secondary and Advanced Level High School graduates and college and university students on break to reinforce skills that will contribute to their success –in academics, the workplace and independent living.

The program features advanced instruction in literacy, conversational and written English, IT and computer training and fundamental life/soft skills. To deliver these services, we tap the best adult/vocational programs in the area and supplement this instruction with in-house coaching.  For students completing university and college programs, we focus on writing CV/resumes, skills for interviews and employment, and practical aspects of self-reliance such as money management.

Additionally, the students take part in and lead community service projects when home, using their talents and knowledge to lift others.  EdPowerment always seeks to impart the importance of service.


EdPowerment’s greatest impact emanates from the dozens of sponsored students who have graduated from colleges and universities and can now serve their communities for a lifetime as doctors, educators, lawyers, skilled craftsmen and local business professionals. Not only will they assist others; they serve as proof that one can rise above the circumstances of birth to seek and attain a secure and satisfying future.

At the same time, we reach out to hundreds of teenagers who attend minimally equipped secondary schools in ways that can improve their performance, practical and “soft” skills. We structure workshops, seminars, events and clubs that deliver useful information for the students' environment, insight into their own habits and situations, and encouragement that can trigger positive behaviors. 

Every time EdPowerment’s dedicated and gifted staff visits underserved secondary schools, we signal to each student that he or she matters – and he or she can do better. Many have never heard this message.

Alongside these seminars, EdPowerment works with local organizers, officials and social workers in the surrounding villages to lift those most in need – often widows and the elderly. We have provided critical emergency direct food relief amid drought conditions; other times we gather women to teach activities, such as making liquid soap, that can bring in even a small income. Always we work closely with the community to ensure that our work has its support and achieves its intended purpose.

Education does not happen in a vacuum. EdPowerment’s holistic approach to ALL our programs has yielded an extraordinary impact on both the students and surrounding villagers where we have operated for 13 years.