What We Do

Roughly two-thirds of Tanzania’s population is under the age of 25, a statistic that conveys every young person’s challenge in this country: the ability to produce income.  Students who come from socially, economically and educationally deprived backgrounds must overcome tremendous odds to secure work or build their own projects that provide a decent living.

EdPowerment addresses this challenge through three cornerstones across its programs: strengthening student core academics; teaching employability skills; and encouraging personal development.  Only this combination can accomplish the desired outcome: Self-Reliance.

EdPowerment, Inc

Core Academics

English is pivotal to workplace success in Tanzania. EdPowerment emphasizes use of English as it supports instructional strategies at KIWOCE and chooses placements and academic reinforcement for its sponsored students. Additionally, EdPowerment works in multiple ways with the KIWOCE staff and our sponsored students to advance critical thinking, problem-solving and other academic concepts.

EdPowerment, Inc
EdPowerment, Inc

Employability Skills

Book learning and graduation documents alone will not equip a young person to take his or her place in the workforce. This is even truer in societies of limited opportunity where connections too often determine one’s horizons.  Recognizing the limited exposure of the students it serves, EdPowerment infuses its programs with practical coaching in the skills and behaviors that are vital to getting a job or starting one’s own business.

EdPowerment, Inc

Personal Development

Consciously understanding one’s own abilities, background and social environment is critical to advancement.  Most of our students come from broken or troubled backgrounds with no access to professional mental health and counseling services.  EdPowerment addresses this reality as best we can so that our students can better cope with both personal and inter-personal difficulties.

Our Approach

EdPowerment believes in student-centered learning.  Whether in our sponsorship program or the KIWOCE Open School, we foster teaching methods and strategies that can turn passive learners into engaged participants. 

We seek to:

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EdPowerment, Inc



EdPowerment, Inc