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EdPowerment’s blog shared key insights into our three programs - KIWOCE Community School, Tomorrow’s Scholar-Leader Sponsorships, and Connects Autism Tanzania – as these educational initiatives grew from 2013 through 2016.  While time constraints made it difficult to continue a consistent blog after 2016, these stories still reveal many of the human and strategic elements of what we do and why we took on this mission in Tanzania. We hope you enjoy getting to know our students and our work better through these stories.

Edpowerments Kilimahewa Enrichment Camp

Did All That Really Happen?

When in the throes of an event, it’s tough to break away to report or reflect on what’s happening.  So it ...
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Tanzanian Teacher Teaching To The Students

Did All That Really Happen #2: Teaching Can Be -Exciting!

Obstacles discourage even the best teachers in every geographic and social environment.  Good teaching is not easy – and good teaching is ...
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Teacher Explaining About Autism

Where Autism Speaks in a Whisper

This month EdPowerment’s outreach for the autistic and otherwise intellectually disabled, (ACT/Autism Connects Tanzania) began a new chapter:  support visits ...
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Number Of Students Sat In The Classroom

The Payoff

Hongera – Congratulations! Last week, the National Exams Council of Tanzania (NECTA) announced the results of the 2013 Form 2 ...
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Students Suffering With Autism

This Is a Miracle.

Today I received truly awesome news. One of our sponsored students was accepted into the Certificate in Early Childhood Training ...
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Teachers And Parents Sat In The Chairs

Giving the Disabled Community a Voice

Learn about EdPowerment’s special needs work If you had a child born with an intellectual disability that made him or ...
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Edpowerments Notre Dame Graduates

The Future Is Today

For EdPowerment’s Form 4 students – and all Tanzanian Form 4 students – today and the next two weeks will ...
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The Food Grains For Hens To Eat

Learning the Chicken Business

Almost everywhere you go in the villages around Kilimahewa, families have several chickens for their own use or to earn ...
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Equipment for Vocational Training in Tanzania

Vocational Training in Tanzania: Check out This Kitchen

I’m on my way back to the States, but here’s a quick look at why our fundraising means so much. ...
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EdPowerment, Inc

Working on Buy-In

My first meeting with the parents and guardians of the teenagers who attend the Kilimahewa Center took place over two ...
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