Welcome to EdPowerment, Inc.

Adventurers Journey Every Year To Climb Majestic Mt. Kilimanjaro.

While visitors challenge themselves on the mountain, villagers who live under its gaze face a very different kind of climb every day.

Young people born into poverty beneath Mt. Kilimanjaro struggle to access education that can take them from meager subsistence to economic security - the ability to cover essential needs of food, decent shelter, hygiene, clothing, health care and education.

This is the WHY Behind EdPowerment

 EdPowerment provides A WAY BACK ... AND A WAY FORWARD for discarded youth, young adults and locals in Tanzania's educational system so they can lift themselves and their community.


  • Our three Form 6 graduates will be joining the University of Dar, Electrical Engineering; Ardhi University, Civil Engineering; and The Tanzanian Institute of Accountancy, Human Resources. We are so excited about these achievements.
  • EdPowerment has graduated its second medical student, now Dr. Elizabeth Massawe, and has offered a sponsorship to our first Masters Degree candidate in Educational Planning and Administration, Dativa Mushi.  Again, much cause for celebration as both of these young women, once excluded from secondary school, proved their mettle by first coming to KIWOCE and then joining our select sponsorship program.
  • Over 130 primary school "leavers" have joined KIWOCE Open School's Pre-Form 1 program that teaches English and math skills and computer training unparalleled in the area.  
  • KIWOCE will serve as a National Exam testing center for the first time this November, hosting local "private candidates" for the Form 2 "Qualifying Test" and the Form 4 Exams in the liberal arts subjects.


Since 2010, programs funded by EdPowerment have delivered the following impact.

KIWOCE: Hundreds of local youth and young adults have taken academic coursework.  Since 2015 over 150 teens & young adults have taken specific computer training; 730 have taken Pre Form 1 & 5 programs; nearly 2,000 have attended special camps and seminars; hundreds of youth have participated in Clubs; and over 150 community members have joined the library. In 2020, over 100 students currently take the QT/PC Secondary School Equivalency Program.

Tomorrow’s Scholar-Leader Program: Nearly 70 students have completed or still pursue higher level degrees that lead to employment.

Connects Autism Tanzania: Over 1000 caretakers and professionals who serve those with intellectual disabilities have learned vital, life-changing information in CAT’s forums and workshops while thousands have attended advocacy events.

Endorsements & Funding

The programs EdPowerment supports have received key support from the following: