Welcome to EdPowerment, Inc.

EdPowerment's programs are anchored in the Kilimanjaro region of Tanzania.

  While visitors challenge themselves on the mountain, many who live under its gaze face a very different kind of climb every day.

Individuals born into poverty beneath Mt. Kilimanjaro struggle to access education that can take them from meager subsistence to economic security - the ability to cover essential needs of food, decent shelter, hygiene, clothing, health care and education.

This is the WHY Behind EdPowerment

EdPowerment provides A WAY BACK ... AND A WAY FORWARD in Tanzania's educational system for discarded teens, young adults and locals  to lift themselves and their community.

Our Programs

Please see the announcement about KIWOCE's change in status and EdPowerment's path ahead on the KIWOCE page.


Edpowerment’s Work In Tanzania Has Lifted The Lives Of Community Members And Students As Follows:


2010 – Present

Since 2010 EdPowerment has sustained and mentored motivated teens and young adults from secondary through post-graduate university studies.


2010 – 2020

A decade of funding and guidance gave rise to this pivotal advocacy program for the special needs population, especially the autistic and otherwise cognitively challenged. Working with Graceanna Lyimo, EdPowerment’s support enabled the transition from our program, Autism Connects Tanzania, to an independent Tanzanian NGO in 2015.


2010 – 2021

In its mission to serve vulnerable youth left behind by the formal educational system, EdPowerment partnered with the Kilimahewa Women and Orphans Center for Education (KIWOCE) to develop a thriving educational hub.

Endorsements & Funding

The programs EdPowerment supports have received key support from the following: