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While visitors challenge themselves on Mt. Kilimanjaro, many who live under its gaze face a very different kind of climb every day. Individuals born into poverty beneath the majestic mountain struggle to access education that can take them from meager subsistence to economic security - the ability to cover essential needs of food, shelter, hygiene, clothing and health care.


Anchored in Moshi, Tanzania, EdPowerment provides transformative educational support that helps neglected human beings to advance in the educational system, workplace and society in order to achieve secure, fulfilling lives.  Our programs offer information, academic and lifeskills training, and other strategic support - most recently a Women's Small Business and a Malnutrition Prevention Program - so that those who struggle can overcome the otherwise hopeless circumstances into which they were born.

Why EdPowerment

EdPowerment is a powerful way for those who know first-hand the impact of education to share these benefits with the least fortunate.  Our U.S. Board has worked on the ground in Tanzania through multiple visits each year and extended stays, some lasting several years. The resulting insight produces uncommon results: young people, otherwise unable to conceive of a future, are becoming professionals and skilled workers, while some of the poorest community members are changing their prospects through our skills and other support programs.

Our Work Today

EdPowerment 2023 continues hands-on oversight of higher-education SPONSORSHIPS (currently 20).  These represent a cross-section of college and university programs intended to give each student the best chance at a self-supporting life.  The employment situation in Tanzania is limited and driven by connections.  To boost each participant's opportunities, our THRIVE program arms them with skills coaching that includes more computer and internet training, job-search, and professional basics including CV writing, application strategies, interview and presentation essentials. Learn more.

August in his 3rd year of a Degree in Architecture
August in his 3rd year of a Degree in Architecture
Joachim during an electrical engineering internship
Joachim during an electrical engineering internship
Rozina, now a secondary school teacher
Rozina, now a secondary school teacher

EdPowerment 2023 works closely with two remote, poorly performing and minimally resourced and staffed government secondary schools.  For each school our weekly STUDY AND LIFE SKILLS SEMINARS can be the agent that changes student behavior, attitudes and expectations.  By demonstrating practical, REAL ways for these disregarded students to perform better, we enable them to envision a future beyond the cycle of poverty. Additionally, a Saturday Boys and Girls Club turns an otherwise unproductive morning into a different learning experience that includes fun, camaraderie ... and breakfast!   Learn more.


EdPowerment 2023 builds on our WOMEN'S SMALL BUSINESS INITIATIVE begun in 2022 in the SIHA district outside of Moshi.  We mentor and provide seed monies for two groups of motivated women, seeking to earn income for food and basics for their families.  Extreme drought in recent years has destroyed these women's livelihoods, based on crops and livestock. Fighting cultural limitations, these brave women are reaching out for a way to provide some stability for their families - starting with a project to make and market liquid and bar soap.  Learn more.


EdPowerment 2023 continues FOOD RELIEF intervention begun in 2022.  Lack of rains has devastated specific villages within the district we serve. Coordinating with local educational and social service authorities, we are feeding students identified as suffering from extreme malnutrition in our MALNUTIRION PREVENTION PROGRAM.   Learn more.


A personalized, holistic approach, coupled with deliberate financial management, underpin all our work. We strive to build relationships, networks and culturally-aware processes that can best produce successful outcomes.


Since 2010, EdPowerment has partnered with local organizations, non-profits and secondary schools to enable the life-changing benefits of education.

We have provided 80 higher education sponsorships that have transformed neglected teenagers into independent adults. Today, 20 of these students continue to reach for independent, productive lives in colleges and universities.  See Impact Data

Completed Programs

Kilimahewa Educational Center (KIWOCE Open School)

From 2010 - 2021, we funded this learning oasis that provided low-cost, high quality secondary equivalency programs, skills courses, and other motivational experiences and resources for hundreds of students.  See Support and Impact Data

Connects Autism Tanzania

Our guidance and support of from 2010 – 2020 opened doors for societal acceptance and educational inclusion of those with autism and other cognitive disabilities.  CAT’s programs provided parents, teachers and other stakeholders with their first understanding of the causes of these conditions and life-changing strategies to serve, incorporate and respect these individuals.  See Support and Impact Data

Endorsements & Funding

The programs EdPowerment supports have received key support from the following: