Welcome to EdPowerment, Inc.

Adventurers Journey Every Year To Climb Majestic Mt. Kilimanjaro.

While visitors challenge themselves on the mountain, villagers who live under its gaze face a very different kind of climb every day.

Young people born into poverty beneath Mt. Kilimanjaro struggle to access education that can take them from meager subsistence to economic security - the ability to cover essential needs of food, decent shelter, hygiene, clothing, health care and education.

This is the WHY Behind EdPowerment

 EdPowerment provides A WAY BACK ... AND A WAY FORWARD for discarded youth, young adults and locals in Tanzania's educational system so they can lift themselves and their community.

Happening Now: 2020

  • 28 of Tomorrow's Scholar-Leader Sponsored Students continue in A levels, college diploma and university degree programs.
  • Over 100 students now attend KIWOCE's QT/PC secondary school equivalency program.
  • The new girls hostel boards almost 20 young women, allowing close to 20 young men to board in the original KIWOCE school building.
  • Record numbers of teens, well over 100, come each Saturday to KIWOCE’s Boys and Girls Club to discover entrepreneurial strategies & vital health information,  enjoy sports and arts activities, and gain exposure to IT and the world.
  • KIWOCE students joined local and international runners for the Kilimanjaro half-marathon and 5K fun run.  Training and exercise has become part of their lives.
  • KIWOCE has restarted its agricultural program, involving students in new crop production and husbandry projects, planting a new tomato crop in its greenhouse.


Since 2010, programs funded by EdPowerment have delivered the following impact.

KIWOCE: Hundreds of local youth and young adults have taken academic coursework.  Since 2015 over 150 teens & young adults have taken specific computer training; 730 have taken Pre Form 1 & 5 programs; nearly 2,000 have attended special camps and seminars; hundreds of youth have participated in Clubs; and over 150 community members have joined the library. In 2020, over 100 students currently take the QT/PC Secondary School Equivalency Program.

Tomorrow’s Scholar-Leader Program: Nearly 70 students have completed or still pursue higher level degrees that lead to employment.

Connects Autism Tanzania: Over 1000 caretakers and professionals who serve those with intellectual disabilities have learned vital, life-changing information in CAT’s forums and workshops while thousands have attended advocacy events.

Endorsements & Funding

The programs EdPowerment supports have received key support from the following: