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Giving Opportunities

EdPowerment's range of programs offers many giving opportunities for all budgets and intentions.  All donations are tax deductible: EIN 27-201-7667.

One year College/University tuition, fees and board (without a government loan):$1,500 - $3,500
Typical college or university start-up costs: (bedding, personal supplies, study table or other necessities)$150 - $250
Averaged annual pocket money & personal items $200
One year Early Discovery Student Supplies$200
Critical Study Skills Seminar:$200
Food Relief per person for 2 months:$11
Food Relief purchases for 2 months:$2,850

“When I am at school I feel very special, comfortable and even more confident to struggle for my life goals.  When I go home I feel well and strong since I know I am still in Edpowerment where I get care, love and encouragement to move forward as how I could get from my parents and grandmother. … I am very grateful for … (the) whole Edpowerment team for being into my life.  You are not only supporting my studies but you are totally (supporting) my life as you also care for my family, wellbeing and everything with me so I can successful attain what I have been wishing to become.” 

“You have nurtured and taught me many ways on how to become an independent and successful adult. I remember the day I came to request for a sponsorship – EdPowerment, out of love, accepted my request… You have been my support on my whole life, academically and socially. I love EdPowerment so much and I am looking forward to living the sharing-with-the-community life that you have been teaching us!”

“Without Edpowerment support to building up my future prosperity you couldn't find me the way I am right now… because of Edpowerment, I can stand even in front of people confidently and spoken out and sharing ideas with others, and I will be able to teach the upcoming generation… Edpowerment has the values which lead me to be the way I am. I learned perseverance, hard work, being loyal to people, respect, self-awareness, teamwork, discipline, integrity, and self-determination in life.” 

Contact Information

In the U.S.

EdPowerment, Inc.
P.O. Box 641
Saddle River, New Jersey 07458


In Tanzania

Educational Empowerment Organization (EdPowerment)
P.O. Box 751
Moshi, Tanzania
+255-712-219689 and +255-746-767927


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