SPRING 2021

Roughly 100 students continued to participate in KIWOCE's secondary school program - open to all students who work hard to achieve the needed Certificate that can be a re-entry to further studies or the way to employment. These students and those attending "short," particularly computer courses, at KIWOCE are developing the skills needed to attain economic security for a better quality of life.

As our own Tanzanian NGO as of March, EdPowerment is now restructuring our sponsorship program - (more to come about this exciting development) - to fulfill our commitments to over 20 students now in colleges and universities... and do more!

We are opening our program to students who have already demonstrated exceptional ability and determination by their strong results in their local secondary or high schools despite overwhelming obstacles.  Many times, these students have succeeded in secondary and high school studies.... but face a dead-end without family support to continue to colleges or universities.  Other times, they have begun higher-level courses of study, but family dislocations prevented the payment of fees and forced these students to return home.  EdPowerment's purpose is to intervene with critical support in order to enable these young adults to stay on track for careers and futures they would otherwise be denied. With our on-the-ground Tanzanian management, we already have begun a rigorous process of finding, vetting and then delivering this life-giving assistance to these proven, deserving young adults.