On March 17 Tanzania closed all universities and colleges due to the COVID 19 pandemic.  EdPowerment provided additional food and basic supplies for the families of all students, as well as communication support for the students so they could access any online coursework.

Mary Munishi, (center), our program manager, prepared all the students to travel back to their places of study when universities were reopened on June 1.

While EdPowerment supported all of our sponsored students who returned home, we have also continued to fund all services at KIWOCE Open School, which has lost all school fee income.  The Center’s teachers took it upon themselves to deliver packets of materials to students in their homes throughout the surrounding villages and then pick up the packets.  In this way, our dedicated staff tried to ensure that learning would continue, and students would not lose all their momentum and knowledge gained thus far in 2020. KIWOCE, considered a secondary/adult school will reopen on June 29th.