On October 15, Cocoa McGovern and Moira Madonia were able to celebrate EdPowerment’s 10 years with many of our sponsored students, home from universities on an extended break because of the Tanzanian national elections. Anchoring this motivated group are Dativa Mushi, far left, our first Masters student, taking Educational Planning and Administration, and Mary Munishi, far right, our former student and now CPA candidate, who actively manages the program today.




We also visited our students now at St. Augustine University of Tanzania (SAUT) in Mwanza.  These students are pursuing degrees from Law to Procurement, Education and Business. Each one came to EdPowerment from a different path and all succeeded so well in high school that they were able to secure university placements that will enable professional careers.

Finally, we celebrated EdPowerment's 10 years of support -  operating and staffing  KIWOCE (the Kilimahewa Educational Center) - with the dedicated and skilled teachers who make this Center such a successful educational oasis. KIWOCE brings the best of education to those who can afford the least. It reopens paths that had been shut to so many. No child is left behind.