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EdPowerment’s blog shared key insights into our three programs - KIWOCE Community School, Tomorrow’s Scholar-Leader Sponsorships, and Connects Autism Tanzania – as these educational initiatives grew from 2013 through 2016.  While time constraints made it difficult to continue a consistent blog after 2016, these stories still reveal many of the human and strategic elements of what we do and why we took on this mission in Tanzania. We hope you enjoy getting to know our students and our work better through these stories.

Two kids sewing together

Learning Never Stops

EdPowerment never allows long school breaks to stop or interfere with the progress of our sponsored students. And their education extends ...
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EdPowerment, Inc

Unexpected Success and Backstories

Last month EdPowerment’s 8 Form Four graduates learned that all had scored either Division I or II on their national exams. ...
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Two Graduated Students Giving Pose

Joyful Endings… for Now

As promised, here is the next update on our students as they move toward self-sufficiency. This October, eight of EdPowerment’s ...
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Three girls in a formal dress for a school ceremony

New Beginnings and Joyful Endings for Edpowerment’s Students

First the beginnings: Our university students It’s official. Elizabeth, Veronica and Teresia will begin university studies in a few weeks. Veronica and ...
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Students with laptops in a classroom


2010 marked the beginning of EdPowerment, Inc., a 501c-3 US non-profit with a mission to improve the lives of discarded teenagers ...
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People in formal attire


This week we lost a tireless supporter of EdPowerment’s work in the Kilimahewa and surrounding villages, Bob Deiss. Without Bob, ...
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A walking man in a blue polo shirt

Now That’s a Good Teacher!

Frank Lema is the Computer Program Manager at the community-based Kilimahewa Educational Centre. Frank came to us by way of ...
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Three girls in a formal dress for a school ceremony

Shut out of Education as Young Teens…. Now University Candidates

Background: Yesterday, Tanzania released the results of its National Form 6 Exam. For those unfamiliar with Tanzania’s educational system, their ...
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Students sitting outside of a classroom

Meeting the Students Where They Are

Committed to the community, The Kilimahewa Educational Centre, supported by EdPowerment, now serves a growing range of students.  Just take ...
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Women in eccentric attire

Educating the Community… Not Just the Students

In the past week, EdPowerment and its volunteers cast our educational net to include (1) guardians of our students and (2) ...
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