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EdPowerment’s blog shared key insights into our three programs - KIWOCE Community School, Tomorrow’s Scholar-Leader Sponsorships, and Connects Autism Tanzania – as these educational initiatives grew from 2013 through 2016.  While time constraints made it difficult to continue a consistent blog after 2016, these stories still reveal many of the human and strategic elements of what we do and why we took on this mission in Tanzania. We hope you enjoy getting to know our students and our work better through these stories.

Working on Buy-In

My first meeting with the parents and guardians of the teenagers who attend the Kilimahewa Center took place over two ...
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Learning the Chicken Business

Almost everywhere you go in the villages around Kilimahewa, families have several chickens for their own use or to earn ...
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Did All That Really Happen?#3 Teenagers – the Most Fertile Ground

Science, math, English, art, physical education/health, computers… in every subject taught at this year’s Kilimahewa Enrichment Camp, teens revealed their eagerness ...
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Great News for Edpowerment and the Kilimahewa Educational Centre

This fall Rotary International awarded the Rotary Club of Moshi a $53,000 Global Grant to develop a skills program under EdPowerment’s ...
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