Over 700 students attend two attached primary schools in the area that EdPowerment serves: Mary Bennet and Sambarai. Over the past 10 years we have responded to several urgent calls to help sustain these government schools.

  • In 2011 EdPowerment finished an incomplete classroom building and teachers’ quarters.
  • The following year, 2012, EdPowerment answered the schools’ request to pay for electrical and water connections and repay an outstanding loan. Later, EdPowerment funded a kitchen cooking facility following what the school reported as a lightning strike that damaged the existing one.

In 2014 the schools were in dire need of new toilets without which they faced being shut down. No government support was available. We funded a block of new toilets so that the school could continue without disruption and students could improve their neglected hygiene.

A row of toilets in the middle of a dirt field.


A building that is in the middle of nowhere.