EdPowerment’s Fiduciary Commitment to You

EdPowerment practices full transparent accounting of all its financial transactions.  U.S. oversight and analysis of expenses and receipts on an ongoing basis work to ensure that all monies reach their intended beneficiary. 

No salaries are paid to EdPowerment's Board of Directors, who volunteer their time and skills to this mission.  There is no U.S. staff.  We depend on service providers such as GoDaddy for website and other needs.

Support from EdPowerment’s founder exceeds all administrative costs in the U.S. and Tanzania, allowing 100% of contributions to directly fund EdPowerment’s programs.  We target these funds to achieve our mission with the greatest efficiency and impact. 

2022 Financial Highlights

Income: US$
Individual donations:111,359
Facebook Fundraisers (including Giving Tuesday) 6,236
"Educate One More" September Fundraiser: 41,545
Other: 6,725
In-Country (Tanzania):
Individual Sponsorship Costs (Tuition, fees, meals, board, personal needs, transportation, medical and family emergencies): 54,532
Early Discovery Sponsorships:3,504
Other Sponsorship Costs:3,017
THRIVE Post-Secondary Skills Program:2,662
Seminars & Community Outreach (including drought food relief):13,416
Staff, Transport and Administrative Costs:31,770
Management Trips:2,645
Other Administrative Costs:6,772