EdPowerment’s Fiduciary Commitment to You

EdPowerment believes in fully transparent and honest accounting of all its financial transactions.  U.S. oversight and variance analysis of expenses and receipts on an ongoing basis work to ensure that all monies reach their intended beneficiary. At the same time, we strive to promote good management practices at the NGOs that we fund.

Support from EdPowerment’s founder exceeds all administrative costs, allowing 100% of contributions to directly fund EdPowerment’s programs.  EdPowerment targets these funds to achieve the most lasting and ripple impact in the communities we serve.

2019 Preliminary Financial Report:

Individual Contributions:$134,094
Fundraising/Online Events: *39,340
Matching Funds:5,900
Total Income:$207,424
KIWOCE (Kilimahewa Educational Center)
Teaching Staff Costs:$47,216
Facilities, ICT & Other Equipment & Supplies:18,459
Land use:8,762
Tomorrow’s Scholar-Leader Sponsorship Program:$56,290
Support for Mrike Secondary School:$3,451
Funding for Connects Autism Tanzania:$44,453
General administrative costs in Tanzania:*$4,148
U.S. Management Trips & Meetings:$6,270
Banking & U.S. administrative costs:$7,688
Total Expenditures:$204,236