EdPowerment’s Fiduciary Commitment to You

EdPowerment believes in fully transparent accounting of all its financial transactions.  U.S. oversight and analysis of expenses and receipts on an ongoing basis work to ensure that all monies reach their intended beneficiary. At the same time, we strive to promote good management practices at the NGOs that we fund.

No salaries are paid to EdPowerment's Managing Board of Directors, who volunteer their time and skills to this mission.  Support from EdPowerment’s founder exceeds all administrative costs, allowing 100% of contributions to directly fund EdPowerment’s programs.  We target these funds to achieve our mission with the greatest ripple impact. 

2020 Financial Summary

Individual Contributions: 173,839
Grants: 25,000
Online fundraising events: 20,802
Matching Funds: 2,550
Other: 216
Total Income:$ 222,406
Staff Costs: 65,711
Facilities, Van, Furniture, Equipment:18,028
Land Use Support:8,588
Food program assistance (COVID-related)7,296
KIWOCE Sub-total:$ 105,040
Tomorrow's Scholar-Leader Sponsorhips:58,125
Connects Autism Tanzania:*38,863
Administrative costs:9,422
Management Trips from U.S. :5,243
*includes $20,000 Focus For Health grant