Mrike, a private Catholic secondary school, serves a poor, not a privileged, population.

Many of EdPowerment’s sponsored students could not re-enter formal government secondary schools because of family poverty and disrupted education. MRIKE, a Catholic secondary school in the hills of Rombo, was willing to work with our students – enabling them to reclaim their educational rights and potential.

Today, in 2022, many of our MRIKE graduates have gone on to succeed in universities or colleges. Others are still pursuing degrees. One graduate is already practicing medicine; others are teachers; one just completed a Master’s in Educational Administration; one is completing law school and another is in his third year of medical studies. And that’s just a few…..

In recognition of Mrike’s role in the advancement of our students, we funded several key projects that enabled it to better attract and serve its students, despite its remote and challenging physical environment and a student body with few resources.

Highlights of our funding:

  • Nearly 700 text books across all subjects
  • Bunk beds for the girls’ dormitory
  • Partial repayment for two separate loans secured by Mrike: one for construction of a classroom and one for construction of a dining hall
  • A computer teacher/IT assistant for multiple years
  • An incinerator for improved sanitary conditions

Here’s a photo of our first MRIKE graduates in 2012! These young women have gone on to make their mark in the Tanzanian workplace, including a doctor, teacher, finance manager and pharmacy assistant.

A group of women standing next to each other.