2010 marked the beginning of EdPowerment, Inc., a 501c-3 US non-profit with a mission to improve the lives of discarded teenagers and autistic youth in the Moshi area of Tanzania through education. EdPowerment integrated three programs to deliver a range of educational services and advocacy – support for the KIWOCE, the community based Kilimahewa Educational Centre, Tomorrow’s Scholar-Leader Sponsorship program, and Connects Autism Tanzania, recently registered as a Tanzanian NGO.

Each program has advanced remarkably in 5 years. Hands-on steering from US management and honest, dedicated service from Tanzanian management and teachers have enabled this impact.  We will be recapping our five years in our end-of-year annual report, posts and mailings. Here is the first visual story of the Kilimahewa Educational Centre – then and now.


Pictures from our initial renovation – sprucing up the two room building and enclosing an outdoor patio for added teaching space.


Today student’s enjoy 3 large classrooms with black and white boards, a media and library center and comfortable desks for learning.  Internet allows online teaching.  Courses range from academic subjects such as math and English to a roster of computer, financial planning and agricultural classes. Thanks to funding from Go Campaign, another US based NGO, and a Rotary Global Grant, the Kilimahewa now serves all village constituents – teens, adults, advanced and slow learners, and even other teachers.

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