Meeting the Students Where They Are

Committed to the community, The Kilimahewa Educational Centre, supported by EdPowerment, now serves a growing range of students. 

Just take a look at today!


  • taught writing techniques to Abdallah, a secondary student with cerebral palsy, (assisted by Kerri)
  • taught English revision to Form 1 students on semester break
  • taught English to a local businessman


  • taught life skills projects to Pre Form 1, Form 2 and Form 4 Kilimahewa teens (including those with special needs), assisted by Rebecca
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  • taught math to Form 3 students on break
  • taught chemistry to Form 5 students on break
  • prepped one of our Form 5 assistant teachers on her lessons to Form 1 math


  • taught a mixed group of 7 individuals Microsoft Publisher
  • taught the headmistress of a nearby school Microsoft Office basics
  • taught 2 government water employees how to use Excel
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  • taught map skills to Form 3 students on break
  • worked with Form 4 graduates on history

Moira, visiting from the U.S. for two weeks,

  • taught intensive English classes to Form 3,4 and 5 students on break
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AND... Rebecca advised one of our young adults how to register to vote, while other students worked independently in our library.

= one day’s work at a Center dedicated to all who want to learn.