Shut out of Education as Young Teens…. Now University Candidates


Yesterday, Tanzania released the results of its National Form 6 Exam. For those unfamiliar with Tanzania’s educational system, their “high school†is actually two years (Form 5 & 6) that follow secondary school (Forms 1 – 4). Students can matriculate at a University only if their Form 6 exam scores allow.

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Our wonderful news:

This May, three of EdPowerment’s sponsored students graduated from high school. Yesterday, we learned that one of these students, Veronica, scored “Distinction†on her Form 6 National Exam and the other two students, Teresia and Elizabeth, scored “Merit.†All three scored high enough to gain acceptance into a University – a process that will take place over the next two months.

These three young women were not dropouts – they were left-outs. Because of family and financial factors, their schooling was interrupted far too early. EdPowerment saw capability and desire in each of them and sought out private boarding schools where they could complete secondary education, succeed in the Form 4 National Exam, and continue to high school. Today, they have attained a precious milestone… Form 6 results that will permit University studies.

We are so proud of these teenagers who grabbed the opportunity offered by EdPowerment and worked so tirelessly for 6 years, often despite personal hardships, to make their dreams a reality.