Technology + Motivated Instruction = Classroom Excitement at Kilimahewa

It’s the next step in computer education at the community-based Kilimahewa Center – and it’s demonstrating how technology can excite and facilitate learning in the right circumstances.

Frank, the new computer administrator at Kilimahewa, just set up a router and internet stick to work with a set of Toshiba laptops recently acquired by the Centre.  Next, he created an online test of the computer skills covered in the first 4 weeks of his course:

  • The parts of the computer
  • The difference between hardware and software
  • The location of commands.

The process allowed students to take the test on their computers, submit their responses, and receive immediate grading.  What a success it was for the students not only to receive quick feedback, but also to participate firsthand in the wonders of technology.

Mavis Beacon is also a part of this technology blitz.  Her software may be old school in the U.S., but it’s the vehicle for these students to use the keyboard properly– TOUCH TYPING, NO ONE FINGER TYPING.  Right now, most students type at 9 WPM with 90% accuracy. The goal –  to reach 25 WPM by April 3.

EdPowerment is bringing a new level of learning to the villages it serves in Tanzania through thoughtful planning, a motivated staff, tools of today’s technology, and respect for its learners.


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